Rdw Blood Test

This test is very helpful in diagnosing anemia. With the help of this test and some other blood count physicians can know that which kind of anemia the person has. Without this test it will get very difficult to diagnose the anemia. According to sources, anemia is of many kinds that mostly broken into subgroups which is related to blood loss, demise of blood cells and very poor red blood production.

If we study that what is RDW blood test then first thing which comes in our mind is that what does RDW stands for. Formerly it is known as width of red blood and it is analysed with different size of blood cells specially RBC (red blood cell). Normally the test is performed as a small part of a CBC (complete blood count). There is one more important thing which is MCV. MCV is mean corpuscle value. These both tests are done together. Without MCV we can’t even think about RDW bold test. These all tests are important in case anyone is going for surgery.

RDW is analysed by dividing the standard deviation (SD) by the mean corpuscle volume (MCV) and then multiplying that result by 100. The standard deviation represents the volume of erythrocytes or red blood cells that are in the blood smear. The RDW count for normal person should be between 11-14% and the optimum level is 13%. If the level goes up then it leads to abnormalities and physical disorders. RDW count helps in predicting mortality especially in cancer and heart patients. Patients with higher RDW counts are more prone to health risk than the ones with lower count.

It is important to take regular blood tests because these are not only a way to test prolonged illness but also to keep a check on regular health conditions. You can consult your doctor for assessing the symptoms that you see in your body. RDW blood test is the best way to understand your physical health. You can get enough information about these tests with the help of related websites. So be aware and stay aware about your health. To find out more about this test you can consult your physician and you can also find enough information on related websites.