How our body gains weight

Just as there are a lot of people who are suffering from the problem of obesity and being overweight, there a number of people who have the complete opposite problem. They have a lot of trouble increase their weight, and can not put on weight no matter how hard they try.

Being Too Thin

The reason why these people keep losing weight and do not gain any is because their diet is unhealthy and so are their activities. Some might think that being thin is not really a problem. But the truth of the matter is that those people who are too thin can suffer from serious issues, such as having a very slow recovery period when they are sick, as well as being prone to complications while having surgery.

All the people who want to increase their weight can do so by having a diet which is proper and healthy. Foods which have a high energy density are very useful to gain weight. The term energy density means the amount of calories or energy in the food when it compared to the weight of the food.

Another practice which can be applied to gain weight is having regular meals. Breakfast is an important part of the daily diet. The amount of food which is eaten should be increased, but the amount of sugars and fat should not be increased too much. To make the digestive system work properly, food should be eaten in a relaxed state.