Have you ever had a black eye? Reese Witherspoon’s shiner revealed

She’s smiling in some photos and headed off to a birthday celebration, but it’s clear Reese Witherspoon is still recovering from the accident that sent her to the hospital one week ago. After being struck by an 84-year-old driver while she was out for a run in Santa Monica, the actress was released with minor injuries — as evidenced by the bandage and bruises just at the good-and-ugly point on her forehead.

Just under all that, Witherspoon has a definitive, very purple black eye.

While a shiner is seen by some as a badge of honor, the causes and implications can be a much bigger deal than that. We get black eyes for many reasons that range from concerning (like trauma to the nose or face, like Witherspoon experienced) to super serious (like shaken baby syndrome or a skull fracture). Nearly all are deemed a medical emergency and require urgent care. The discoloration is caused by bleeding under the skin’s surface. That tissue most often turns a black or bluish shade, then fades over the course of a few days to a green color, and finally yellow. The bruise can be accompanied by swelling, and complete healing usually takes about two weeks. In more serious cases, swelling and bleeding can impair the health of the eye and reduce vision.

Although there are some cases of rare eye colors in our humans, you might have experienced once, now the question for yours as below.

Have you ever had a black eye? How did you get it?